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These are the 50 most recent searched items.
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Status Name des Items
OFF Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover
OFF +10 quadruple Saharic Knife[4] +10 quadruple Saharic Knife[4]
OFF   C Rose Crown
OFF Tarou Card Tarou Card
OFF Angeling Card Angeling Card
OFF Elephant Hat Elephant Hat
OFF Wolf Claw Wolf Claw
OFF Martin Card Martin Card
OFF Chonchon Card Chonchon Card
OFF Green Acre Guitar Green Acre Guitar
OFF +4 High Level Muffler[1] +4 High Level Muffler[1]
OFF Sapphire Sapphire
OFF   C Golden Savage Hat
OFF Athletic Brooch[1] Athletic Brooch[1]
OFF   +4 Giant God Snake Skin (+3 Int)
OFF Stapo Card Stapo Card
OFF Black Hair Black Hair
OFF   Elephant Model Hat[1]
OFF Swordfish Card Swordfish Card
OFF   Skelion Egg
OFF Singing Plant Singing Plant
OFF +4 Glittering Jacket[1] of Stone Curse +4 Glittering Jacket[1] of Stone Curse
OFF   C Imperial Feather
OFF   +9 Armor refine deed
OFF   Physical Weapon shadow
OFF   C Foxtail
OFF Trident[3] Trident[3]
OFF   +6 Temporal Luk Boots (Hawkeye) (Attack Delay 4)
OFF   Giant Octopus
OFF Helm of Angel Helm of Angel
OFF +5 Katar of Piercing Wind +5 Katar of Piercing Wind
OFF +8 Gladius[3] +8 Gladius[3]
OFF +7 from Hell Stone Buckler[1] +7 from Hell Stone Buckler[1]
OFF Blue Potion Blue Potion
OFF +5 Krishna[2] +5 Krishna[2]
OFF   Hiding Orleans Necklace[1]
OFF Joker Jester Joker Jester
OFF   C Shalosh Head Dress
OFF   Hunting Arrow Quiver
OFF   +9 Bravery Bag[1] (Cenere Card)
OFF Arc Angeling Card Arc Angeling Card
OFF Hiding Nile Rose[1] Hiding Nile Rose[1]
OFF Spear[4] Spear[4]
OFF   C Chasher Ear
OFF Wrath of Valkyrie Wrath of Valkyrie
OFF Underneath Burning Bow[1] Underneath Burning Bow[1]
OFF +4 Book of the Apocalypse +4 Book of the Apocalypse
OFF Rice Ball Rice Ball
OFF Breeze Card Breeze Card
OFF Ogre Tooth Ogre Tooth
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