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Status Name des Items
OFF Remover Card Remover Card
OFF +6 Robes Of Orleans[1] of Zephyrus +6 Robes Of Orleans[1] of Zephyrus
OFF   +4 Unfrozen White Wing Suits[1] (+2 Luk) double
OFF   C Witchs Hat
OFF Jewel Crown Jewel Crown
OFF Archer Skeleton Card Archer Skeleton Card
OFF   Telekinetic Orb
OFF Bazerald (INT+4) (+5 Int) Bazerald (INT+4) (+5 Int)
OFF   Silvervine Box10
OFF Moonlight Dagger Moonlight Dagger
OFF Tiraya Bonnet[1] Tiraya Bonnet[1]
OFF   RWC 2010 Indonesia[1]
OFF +5 Critical double Boned Katar of Frozen Icicle[3] +5 Critical double Boned Katar of Frozen Icicle[3]
OFF Pantie Pantie
OFF Bapho Jr. Card Bapho Jr. Card
OFF +8 double Hurricane Krishna[2] (AGI+3) (ASPD+1) +8 double Hurricane Krishna[2] (AGI+3) (ASPD+1)
OFF   C Cat Ear Cyber Headphone
OFF +8 Erudite Gemmed Sallet[1] +8 Erudite Gemmed Sallet[1]
OFF   +12 Elven Bow[1] (Beholder Master Card)
OFF +7 double Demonic Soul Gain Bloody Eater[2] +7 double Demonic Soul Gain Bloody Eater[2]
OFF   Velum Encyclopedia
OFF Wakwak Card Wakwak Card
OFF Poison Spore Poison Spore
OFF   CD In Mouth
OFF   Bisket Dessert
OFF Draco Egg Card Draco Egg Card
OFF Arc Wand[2] Arc Wand[2]
OFF   +4 Immune Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1]
OFF Shinobi Sash Shinobi Sash
OFF Anolian Skin Anolian Skin
OFF Diabolus Manteau[1] Diabolus Manteau[1]
OFF Rosary Rosary
OFF Ragged Zombie Card Ragged Zombie Card
OFF +7 Holy Full Plate[1] +7 Holy Full Plate[1]
OFF Ring Pommel Saber[3] Ring Pommel Saber[3]
OFF Nimble Bow Thimble[1] Nimble Bow Thimble[1]
OFF   BlueHerb Box
OFF Deviruchi Card Deviruchi Card
OFF Dragon Canine Dragon Canine
OFF Katar of Frozen Icicle Katar of Frozen Icicle
OFF   Spiritual Pendant Shadow
OFF Fricca's Circlet Fricca's Circlet
OFF +7 Mes[3] +7 Mes[3]
OFF   C Secret Zipper
OFF Will of the Darkness Will of the Darkness
OFF Dark Shadow Card Dark Shadow Card
OFF Royal Jelly Royal Jelly
OFF Mummy Card Mummy Card
OFF   Nab's Cloth[1] (ATK+3%) double (Fighting Spirit3)
OFF   +6 double Malicious Carga Mace[2]
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