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Status Name des Items
OFF +7 Casted by Elf Valkyrian Manteau[1] +7 Casted by Elf Valkyrian Manteau[1]
OFF   Hard Armor Shadow
OFF Wolf Card Wolf Card
OFF   Green Jewel Bag
OFF   Red Raffle Sap
OFF Rabid Clip[1] Rabid Clip[1]
ON Level 5 Heal Level 5 Heal
OFF +6 Pirate Bandana +6 Pirate Bandana
OFF   Elder Branch
OFF   End Sektura[1]
OFF Roda Frog Card Roda Frog Card
OFF +6 Evil Glittering Jacket[1] +6 Evil Glittering Jacket[1]
OFF Fire Arrow Quiver Fire Arrow Quiver
ON Orange Orange
OFF   Cat Hand Glove[1]
OFF Geographer Card Geographer Card
OFF Solid Rice Cake Solid Rice Cake
OFF Nile Rose[1] of Magic Stone Nile Rose[1] of Magic Stone
OFF Krishna[2] Krishna[2]
OFF Robes Of Orleans[1] Robes Of Orleans[1]
OFF Solider Card Solider Card
OFF Saint's Robe[1] Saint's Robe[1]
OFF   +7 Crimson Knuckle[2]
OFF Auger Of Spirit Auger Of Spirit
OFF Treasure Box Treasure Box
OFF Cobaltblue Dyestuffs Cobaltblue Dyestuffs
OFF Picky Egg Card Picky Egg Card
OFF Rideword Card Rideword Card
OFF Vocal Card Vocal Card
OFF   Pig Moneycoin
OFF Baroness of Retribution Card Baroness of Retribution Card
OFF +7 Manteau[1] of Warmth +7 Manteau[1] of Warmth
OFF   C Smoking Pipe
OFF   Wug Blood Cocktail
OFF Skull Skull
OFF Enriched Oridecon Box Enriched Oridecon Box
OFF Gift Box Gift Box
OFF Book of Mother Earth Book of Mother Earth
OFF   Will of Warrior
OFF Nimble Glove[1] Nimble Glove[1]
OFF +9 High Level Marionette Doll[1] +9 High Level Marionette Doll[1]
OFF   Drocera Tentacle
OFF +6 triple Bloody Twin Edge of Naght Sieger[3] +6 triple Bloody Twin Edge of Naght Sieger[3]
OFF Bottle Grenade Bottle Grenade
OFF Vanberk Card Vanberk Card
OFF Buckler[1] of Gargantua Buckler[1] of Gargantua
OFF +7 triple Kingbird Twin Edge of Naght Sieger[3] +7 triple Kingbird Twin Edge of Naght Sieger[3]
OFF Magic Card Album Magic Card Album
OFF   C Gigantic Water Cap
OFF   Easter Egg
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