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Status Name des Items
OFF   C Thornbush Hairband
OFF   Hero Taget Suits[1]
OFF Steel Chonchon Card Steel Chonchon Card
OFF Infiltrator[1] (Fighting Spirit 4) (Sharp 3) Infiltrator[1] (Fighting Spirit 4) (Sharp 3)
OFF   +4 Jejecap
OFF   +5 double Malicious Carga Mace[2]
OFF Mystic Rose Mystic Rose
OFF Hiding Diabolus Ring[1] Hiding Diabolus Ring[1]
OFF   Nab Ring
OFF Illusion Flower Illusion Flower
OFF +4 Whikebine's Black Cat Ears +4 Whikebine's Black Cat Ears
OFF White Deviruchi Hat White Deviruchi Hat
OFF Cursed Hand[1] Cursed Hand[1]
OFF Ice Cubic Ice Cubic
OFF   RWC Memorial Ring[1] (Fighting Spirit3) (Fighting Spirit1)
OFF   C Cube Mask
OFF Fragment of Agony Fragment of Agony
OFF Diver Goggles Diver Goggles
OFF Enchant Emblem Enchant Emblem
OFF Vanberk Card Vanberk Card
OFF Zerom Card Zerom Card
OFF Succubus Card Succubus Card
OFF Romantic Leaf Romantic Leaf
OFF Prickly Fruit Prickly Fruit
OFF   C Angeling Knitted Cap
OFF   C Black Cat Ears Beret
OFF Orleans's Glove[1] Orleans's Glove[1]
OFF Khukri Khukri
OFF   Staff Of Geffen[1]
OFF Guildsman Recruiter Hat Guildsman Recruiter Hat
OFF Western Outlaw[2] Western Outlaw[2]
OFF Dead Branch Dead Branch
OFF Iron Ore Iron Ore
OFF Seismic Fist[3] Seismic Fist[3]
OFF   +6 Weapon refine deed
OFF Hilsrion Card Hilsrion Card
OFF   Blue Ashura[1]
OFF Raggler Card Raggler Card
OFF Ancient Shield Of Aeon[1] Ancient Shield Of Aeon[1]
OFF Hypnotist's Staff[2] Hypnotist's Staff[2]
OFF Thief Bug Card Thief Bug Card
OFF   C Commandments Of Chain
OFF Muscle Cutter[2] Muscle Cutter[2]
OFF   Black Devil's Mask
OFF Gift Box Gift Box
OFF   C Poring Hat
OFF Gangster Scarf Gangster Scarf
OFF Berserk Berserk
OFF   Small Bradium
OFF   Breezy Armor Shadow
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