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Status Name des Items
OFF Red Stocking Red Stocking
OFF +7 Book of Blazing Sun[3] +7 Book of Blazing Sun[3]
ON Illusion Flower Illusion Flower
OFF Quick Hood[1] Quick Hood[1]
OFF Hiding Glove[1] Hiding Glove[1]
OFF   RWC Coupon Of Initialization
ON   Telekinetic Orb
OFF Orcish Axe Orcish Axe
OFF Fire Dragon Scale Fire Dragon Scale
OFF Thief Clothes[1] (+4 Agi) Thief Clothes[1] (+4 Agi)
OFF +5 Mantle[1] of Champion (+3 Dex) +5 Mantle[1] of Champion (+3 Dex)
OFF Witch Starsand Witch Starsand
OFF Cogwheel Cogwheel
OFF Dagger[3] Dagger[3]
ON +7 double Bloody Boned Saber[3] +7 double Bloody Boned Saber[3]
ON Speed Potion Speed Potion
OFF Clip[1] of Double Power Clip[1] of Double Power
OFF   C Carmen Miranda Hat
OFF   Dragoon Shield Shadow
OFF +3 Martyr Damascus[1] +3 Martyr Damascus[1]
ON Executioner Card Executioner Card
ON Scorpio Crown Scorpio Crown
OFF   Swift White Wing Suits[1]
OFF Zealotus Card Zealotus Card
OFF   +4 Fledged Nab Shoes[1]
OFF Immortal Heart Immortal Heart
OFF   +4 Isabella Red Ear[1]
ON Ambernite Card Ambernite Card
OFF Drops Egg Drops Egg
ON   HE Elunium
OFF +7 Genie's Manteau[1] +7 Genie's Manteau[1]
OFF Worn-out Magic Scroll Worn-out Magic Scroll
OFF Engkanto Card Engkanto Card
ON   Jejecap
OFF Mantle[1] Mantle[1]
OFF Maneater Root Maneater Root
OFF Cursed Hand[1] Cursed Hand[1]
OFF Unholy Touch (Sharp 2) (Fighting Spirit 5) Unholy Touch (Sharp 2) (Fighting Spirit 5)
ON Iron Cain Iron Cain
OFF Auto Healing Guard[1] Auto Healing Guard[1]
ON   new unknown item
OFF   P.Sabre1
OFF Repeating Crossbow[1] Repeating Crossbow[1]
OFF Low Level Boots[1] Low Level Boots[1]
OFF Snail's Shell Snail's Shell
OFF Meteor Plate[1] (+2 Dex) Meteor Plate[1] (+2 Dex)
OFF Book of the Blazing Sun Book of the Blazing Sun
OFF   Costume Remover Hat
OFF   WoE Blue Potion Box
ON Anolian Card Anolian Card
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