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Status Name des Items
OFF +4 Boots[1] of Witch +4 Boots[1] of Witch
ON Nimble Glove[1] Nimble Glove[1]
OFF Mes[3] Mes[3]
OFF Yellow Gemstone Yellow Gemstone
ON   Small Deviling Hat[1]
OFF   RWC Memorial Ring[1] (ATK+3%) (ATK+1%)
ON Creamy Card Creamy Card
ON Minorous Card Minorous Card
OFF +4 Aria Crown[1] +4 Aria Crown[1]
ON Alligator Card Alligator Card
OFF   +6 Genie's Egir Manteau[1]
OFF Worn Out Page Worn Out Page
OFF +7 Boots[1] of Dash +7 Boots[1] of Dash
OFF +3 double Slash Chakram[2] (Sharp 2) double +3 double Slash Chakram[2] (Sharp 2) double
ON Pupa Card Pupa Card
OFF +7 Very Very Strong Ice Pike +7 Very Very Strong Ice Pike
ON   RWC Memory Mace[1]
OFF Charging Guard[1] Charging Guard[1]
OFF +4 Pantie[1] of Stainless Mirror +4 Pantie[1] of Stainless Mirror
OFF Athletic Brooch[1] Athletic Brooch[1]
OFF +4 Diabolus Boots[1] of Nature Destroyer +4 Diabolus Boots[1] of Nature Destroyer
OFF   Black Wing[1]
ON Arc Angeling Card Arc Angeling Card
ON Vadon Card Vadon Card
OFF Zerom Card Zerom Card
ON   Fallen Angel's beloning
OFF Hallberd[2] Hallberd[2]
ON   C Fallen Angel Wing
OFF Yellow Herb Yellow Herb
ON Acid Bottle Acid Bottle
ON   Elder Branch
ON Baby Desertwolf Card Baby Desertwolf Card
OFF Agav Card Agav Card
OFF Zenorc's Fang Zenorc's Fang
OFF   Circlet Of Kriemhild[1]
OFF Level 7 Cookbook Level 7 Cookbook
OFF Skillful Tights[1] Skillful Tights[1]
OFF   Drooping Pope Hat[1]
OFF Golden Hair Golden Hair
ON Angeling Card Angeling Card
OFF +5 Katar of Quaking +5 Katar of Quaking
OFF   Santa Hat Costume
ON Book of the Devil Book of the Devil
OFF Diabolus Armor[1] (+3 Dex) Diabolus Armor[1] (+3 Dex)
ON Old Broom Old Broom
OFF +4 Insomniac Snake Head Hat[1] +4 Insomniac Snake Head Hat[1]
OFF Orange Orange
ON Very Very Strong Ice Lance Very Very Strong Ice Lance
OFF Festival Pumpkin Hat Festival Pumpkin Hat
OFF +4 Thief Clothes[1] of Ares +4 Thief Clothes[1] of Ares
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