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Status Name des Items
OFF   Shiny Santa Poring Hat
OFF +5 Devine Cross Lich's Bone Wand[2] +5 Devine Cross Lich's Bone Wand[2]
OFF Chance Glove[1] Chance Glove[1]
ON Horn of Hilthrion[3] Horn of Hilthrion[3]
OFF Fireblend Fireblend
OFF Piercing Staff Piercing Staff
OFF   +7 triple Critical Krasnaya[3]
OFF Venatu Card Venatu Card
OFF   +5 Malicious Elven Bow[1]
OFF Sandals[1] of Assassin Sandals[1] of Assassin
OFF   Velum Spear
OFF Dolor Hat[1] Dolor Hat[1]
ON Fricca's Circlet Fricca's Circlet
OFF   +4 White Wing Manteau (LUK+2) (Flee 1)
OFF +8 double Force Drain Saber[3] +8 double Force Drain Saber[3]
ON Orleans's Glove[1] Orleans's Glove[1]
ON Key of Underground Key of Underground
OFF +4 Aqua Glittering Jacket[1] +4 Aqua Glittering Jacket[1]
ON   HD Bradium
OFF +4 Plasterer's Stone Buckler[1] +4 Plasterer's Stone Buckler[1]
OFF Assaulter Card Assaulter Card
OFF Siroma Card Siroma Card
OFF Tiraya Bonnet[1] of Yellow Stone Tiraya Bonnet[1] of Yellow Stone
OFF   C Romantic White Flower
OFF Goblin Archer Card Goblin Archer Card
OFF   Champion Shoes Shadow
OFF Snowier Card Snowier Card
OFF   +5 Power Pendant Shadow
ON Grit Grit
OFF   Teleport Assassin Handcuffs[1]
OFF Clip[1] of Yana Clip[1] of Yana
OFF +8 Hit Ice Pick[1] +8 Hit Ice Pick[1]
OFF Vagabond's Skull Vagabond's Skull
OFF +4 Of Wonderer Valkyrian Shoes[1] +4 Of Wonderer Valkyrian Shoes[1]
OFF +5 Aura Chakram[2] (Sharp 3) (Sharp 2) +5 Aura Chakram[2] (Sharp 3) (Sharp 2)
OFF   Halloween Big Box
OFF Killer Mantis Card Killer Mantis Card
OFF Ba Gua Ba Gua
OFF Rose Quartz Rose Quartz
OFF   Athletic Shoes Shadow
OFF Monkey Circlet Monkey Circlet
ON Bathory Card Bathory Card
OFF Jacket[1] Jacket[1]
OFF   +7 White Wing Manteau (AGI+3) (LUK+2) (+3 Luk)
OFF   C Archangeling Hat
ON Permeter Card Permeter Card
ON   C New Wave Sunglasses
OFF Cross Shield[1] Cross Shield[1]
ON Bloody Axe Bloody Axe
OFF Ledger Of Death[2] (Fighting Spirit 4) Ledger Of Death[2] (Fighting Spirit 4)
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