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Status Name des Items
OFF Tiyanak Card Tiyanak Card
OFF Nightmare Diabolus Robe[1] Nightmare Diabolus Robe[1]
OFF   +9 Of Agility Switching White Wing Suits[1] (DEX+3) (Expert Archer 3)
OFF Fortune Sword (MDEF+4) (HP+100) Fortune Sword (MDEF+4) (HP+100)
OFF Rainbow Carrot Rainbow Carrot
OFF Shoes Shoes
ON Evil Bone Wand Evil Bone Wand
ON Bubble Gum Light Box Bubble Gum Light Box
ON Diabolus Boots[1] Diabolus Boots[1]
OFF Incubus Egg Incubus Egg
ON Bubble Gum Low Box Bubble Gum Low Box
OFF Honey Honey
ON   White Wing Suits[1] (LUK+2) (CRI+5) double
OFF Rosary[1] of Flash Rosary[1] of Flash
OFF +2 Cranial Guard[1] +2 Cranial Guard[1]
OFF Six Shooter[2] Six Shooter[2]
OFF   Notice Board
ON Fancy Flower Fancy Flower
ON Gift Box Gift Box
OFF   Athletic Assassin Handcuffs[1]
OFF +4 Assassin Dagger +4 Assassin Dagger
ON Fabric Fabric
OFF Creamy Fear Card Creamy Fear Card
ON Pasana Card Pasana Card
OFF Ancient Cape[1] Ancient Cape[1]
OFF Cowardice Blade[2] Cowardice Blade[2]
OFF Live Coal Live Coal
ON   Physical Weapon shadow
ON Bloody Axe Bloody Axe
OFF Ogre Tooth Ogre Tooth
OFF   +4 Shawl Of Affection
OFF   Mace Of Judgement[2] (DEX+1) (ATK+3%)
ON   Rhino Model Hat[1]
ON Fortune Sword Fortune Sword
OFF +6 Cranial Valkyrja's Shield[1] +6 Cranial Valkyrja's Shield[1]
ON   Isabella Brown Ear[1]
OFF +4 Titan Hunting Spear[1] +4 Titan Hunting Spear[1]
OFF Note Headphone[1] Note Headphone[1]
OFF +5 double Critical Hybrid Katar of  Raging Blaze[3] +5 double Critical Hybrid Katar of Raging Blaze[3]
OFF   Lucky Weapon Shadow
ON Ring[1] Ring[1]
OFF   RWC Memorial Ring[1] (DEX+1) (Fighting Spirit3) (Fighting Spirit1)
OFF   Succubus Egg
ON   Drocera Tentacle
OFF +8 triple Bloody Chain[3] +8 triple Bloody Chain[3]
OFF Spiky Band[1] Spiky Band[1]
OFF Bee Sting Bee Sting
OFF Well-Dried Bone Well-Dried Bone
OFF +10 quadruple Gentle Touch Mace[4] +10 quadruple Gentle Touch Mace[4]
OFF +4 Undershirt[1] of Rogue +4 Undershirt[1] of Rogue
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