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Status Name des Items
OFF   Cat Hand Glove[1] of Yana
OFF Pike[4] Pike[4]
OFF Elemental Clip[1] Elemental Clip[1]
OFF   +4 White Wing Manteau (AGI+2) (+1 Luk)
OFF Tights[1] Tights[1]
ON   Ancient Armor Shadow
ON   Kingbird Weapon Shadow
OFF   Agrade Pocket
ON   Guarantee Armor11Up
ON   +6 Armor refine deed
ON   Fine Sun
ON   Pegasus Ear Wing
ON Token of Siegfried Box Token of Siegfried Box
ON Hunter Fly Card Hunter Fly Card
ON Firelock Soldier Card Firelock Soldier Card
ON Green Live Green Live
ON Ring Of Flame Lord Ring Of Flame Lord
ON Auger Of Spirit Auger Of Spirit
OFF Disarm Katar[1] Disarm Katar[1]
OFF Louise's Santa Hat Louise's Santa Hat
OFF   Trans Candy Red
OFF Masquerade Masquerade
ON Valkyrian Shoes[1] Valkyrian Shoes[1]
ON Coldproof Potion Coldproof Potion
OFF   Erudite Red Bread Hat[1]
OFF   C Diadem
OFF Feather Feather
OFF   Ur's Seal[1] (MDEF+6) (SP+100)
OFF Blue Acidus Card Blue Acidus Card
ON Alicel Card Alicel Card
OFF   Trans Candy Green
OFF Coronet Coronet
OFF +4 Of Luck Switching Glittering Jacket[1] +4 Of Luck Switching Glittering Jacket[1]
ON   White Wing Brooch (DEX+1) (+1 Agi)
OFF   Trans Candy Blue
OFF +5 double Shooting Barrage Fist[4] +5 double Shooting Barrage Fist[4]
OFF Chocolate Chocolate
OFF Very Very Strong Earth Stiletto Very Very Strong Earth Stiletto
ON Picky Card Picky Card
OFF +7 triple Chemical Gladius[3] +7 triple Chemical Gladius[3]
OFF   Siege Muffler[1]
OFF   VIT Biscuit Stick Box
OFF Holden Card Holden Card
ON Bubble Gum Low Box Bubble Gum Low Box
OFF   +7 Vital Shield Shadow
OFF Wand of Occult Wand of Occult
OFF Nimble Glove[1] Nimble Glove[1]
OFF +8 double Gigantic double Damned Main Gauche[4] +8 double Gigantic double Damned Main Gauche[4]
OFF Iron Ore Iron Ore
OFF +4 Earth Damascus +4 Earth Damascus
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