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These are the 20 most searched items.
Here you can check, which ragnarok items the gamers on the Amity Marketwatch are mostly interested in.

Maybe it is profitable for you to offer some of those items?
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status item name
ON Bloody Branch Bloody Branch 831 x
ON   Soul Stone 824 x
ON   HE Elunium 619 x
ON Oridecon Oridecon 602 x
ON   Almighty 589 x
ON Valkyrja's Shield[1] Valkyrja's Shield[1] 573 x
ON Stem Stem 564 x
ON Elunium Elunium 562 x
ON Clip[1] Clip[1] 562 x
ON Bubble Gum Light Box Bubble Gum Light Box 552 x
ON Old Card Album Old Card Album 547 x
ON Raydric Card Raydric Card 541 x
ON   HE Oridecon 530 x
ON Bubble Sweet Gum Box Bubble Sweet Gum Box 527 x
ON Maneater Blossom Maneater Blossom 503 x
OFF Phen Card Phen Card 503 x
ON Poison Spore Poison Spore 501 x
OFF Archer Skeleton Card Archer Skeleton Card 496 x
ON Yggdrasilberry Yggdrasilberry 489 x
ON Hunter Fly Card Hunter Fly Card 484 x
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