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Status Name des Items
OFF Exorciser (ATK+1%) double Exorciser (ATK+1%) double
OFF Ancient Cape[1] Ancient Cape[1]
OFF +8 Chain[3] +8 Chain[3]
OFF Dew Laden Moss Dew Laden Moss
OFF   Tantan Noodle
OFF +7 Reflect Boots[1] +7 Reflect Boots[1]
OFF Sardonyx Sardonyx
OFF Ice pick Ice pick
OFF Girl's Pureness Girl's Pureness
OFF Chonchon Doll Chonchon Doll
OFF Punk Card Punk Card
OFF   Luk Glove [1]
OFF   Giant Axe[1]
OFF +4 Shoes[1] of Seeker +4 Shoes[1] of Seeker
OFF   +9 Erde[2] (Expert Archer 4) double
OFF Knife[4] Knife[4]
OFF Gaia Sword Gaia Sword
OFF   RWC Memorial Pendant (Spell 2Lv) (Spell 1Lv) (MHP+1%) double
OFF Wedding Veil Wedding Veil
OFF Nightmare Card Nightmare Card
OFF Green Live Green Live
OFF Resist Stun Dark Bacilium[1] Resist Stun Dark Bacilium[1]
OFF Obeaune Card Obeaune Card
OFF   +4 Of Scholar Bone Plate[1]
OFF Clock Tower Key Clock Tower Key
OFF   +7 Ebone Armor[1] of Life Stream
OFF Cornus Card Cornus Card
OFF Fur Seal Card Fur Seal Card
OFF Nimble Ring[1] Nimble Ring[1]
OFF +3 Saint's Robe[1] of Great Blessing +3 Saint's Robe[1] of Great Blessing
OFF +4 Shoes[1] of Hermes +4 Shoes[1] of Hermes
OFF Aunoe Card Aunoe Card
OFF +4 Silk Robe[1] of Ifrit +4 Silk Robe[1] of Ifrit
OFF Wooden Mail[1] Wooden Mail[1]
OFF Legion Plate Armor[1] Legion Plate Armor[1]
OFF Sohee Card Sohee Card
OFF   Almighty
OFF   Bradium Brooch[1]
OFF Yellow Gemstone Yellow Gemstone
OFF Helm[1] Helm[1]
OFF Tights[1] Tights[1]
OFF Drops Card Drops Card
OFF Emperium Anvil Emperium Anvil
OFF Excalibur Excalibur
OFF +4 Atomic Mirror Shield[1] +4 Atomic Mirror Shield[1]
OFF   +8 Crimson Bow[2]
OFF Lucky Rice Cake Lucky Rice Cake
OFF +4 Auto Healing Buckler[1] +4 Auto Healing Buckler[1]
OFF Whisper Card Whisper Card
OFF Horn Card Horn Card
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