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Status Name des Items
OFF Tae Goo Lyeon[2] (Expert Archer 4) (Expert Archer 5) Tae Goo Lyeon[2] (Expert Archer 4) (Expert Archer 5)
OFF   Supplement Part Agi[1] (DEX+1) (DEX+2) (+1 Agi)
OFF   +7 Giant God Snake Skin[1] (VIT+3) (LUK+5) (Special VIT)
OFF +7 Mystic Muffler[1] +7 Mystic Muffler[1]
OFF +4 Valkyrian Armor[1] of Gnome +4 Valkyrian Armor[1] of Gnome
OFF   Costume Tiger Face
OFF Soft Apron Soft Apron
OFF Holy Arrow Quiver Holy Arrow Quiver
OFF Poporing Egg Poporing Egg
OFF Blue Acidus Card Blue Acidus Card
OFF   +8 Liberation Thanatos Katar[1]
OFF Hode Card Hode Card
OFF Very Strong Earth Partizan Very Strong Earth Partizan
OFF +5 Cranial Valkyrja's Shield[1] +5 Cranial Valkyrja's Shield[1]
OFF Stolen Cacao Stolen Cacao
OFF   RWC Memorial Pendant (INT+1) (INT+3) (Spell 2Lv) (Spell 1Lv)
OFF +7 Flameguard Hood[1] +7 Flameguard Hood[1]
OFF Nightmare Mummy Card Nightmare Mummy Card
OFF   Fledged White Wing Boots[1] (AGI+1) (DEF+6)
OFF Clip[1] of Blue Cubic Clip[1] of Blue Cubic
OFF Dragon Wing Dragon Wing
OFF High Level Sandals[1] High Level Sandals[1]
OFF   Siege Greave[1]
OFF Hood[1] Hood[1]
OFF +4 Cursed Lyre[1] +4 Cursed Lyre[1]
OFF +4 Hood[1] of Rogue +4 Hood[1] of Rogue
OFF Andre Card Andre Card
OFF +4 Auto Healing Buckler[1] +4 Auto Healing Buckler[1]
OFF +7 Dexterous Shrewd Venomer's Mes[3] +7 Dexterous Shrewd Venomer's Mes[3]
OFF Nut Shell Nut Shell
OFF Fortune Sword (+1 Dex) Fortune Sword (+1 Dex)
OFF   Velum Spear
OFF   Vicious Cookie Card
OFF Full Plate[1] of Hardening Full Plate[1] of Hardening
OFF +10 Flammable Underneath double Liberation Pike[4] +10 Flammable Underneath double Liberation Pike[4]
OFF Centipede Card Centipede Card
OFF +6 double Critical Hard Working Jur[3] +6 double Critical Hard Working Jur[3]
OFF Sandals[1] of Hermes Sandals[1] of Hermes
OFF   Paradise TeamUniform1
OFF   Bradium Brooch[1]
OFF   Small Deviling Hat[1]
OFF Sunflower Sunflower
OFF Solid Peach Solid Peach
OFF   +4 Boitata Armor[1] (Mangkukulam Card)
OFF   C Tare Domovoi
OFF   C Amistr Bag
OFF Barrage Fist[4] Barrage Fist[4]
OFF Expert Ring[1] Expert Ring[1]
OFF Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover
OFF   C AliceFriesinger Hat69
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