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Status Name des Items
OFF   Jejecap
OFF   +1 Shoes Of Judgement
OFF Death Word Card Death Word Card
OFF +6 Kingbird Luna Bow[2] of Chinook +6 Kingbird Luna Bow[2] of Chinook
OFF +5 double Saharic Gladius[2] +5 double Saharic Gladius[2]
OFF   WoE Violet Potion
OFF +4 Evil Glittering Jacket[1] +4 Evil Glittering Jacket[1]
OFF +7 Diabolus Boots[1] of Undead Slayer +7 Diabolus Boots[1] of Undead Slayer
ON Biretta[1] Biretta[1]
OFF +6 Liberation Hunting Spear[1] +6 Liberation Hunting Spear[1]
OFF   Siege Shoes[1]
OFF +4 Diabolus Boots[1] of Dash +4 Diabolus Boots[1] of Dash
OFF +4 Of Luck Switching Pantie[1] +4 Of Luck Switching Pantie[1]
OFF Agav Card Agav Card
OFF Of Power Switching Glittering Jacket[1] (+2 Str) Of Power Switching Glittering Jacket[1] (+2 Str)
OFF Rabid Nile Rose[1] Rabid Nile Rose[1]
ON Hunter Fly Card Hunter Fly Card
OFF Firelock Soldier Card Firelock Soldier Card
OFF +7 Flame Guard Stone Buckler[1] +7 Flame Guard Stone Buckler[1]
OFF   New Wave Sunglasses
OFF Specialty Jur[4] Specialty Jur[4]
OFF   White Wing Suits[1] (STR+1) (LUK+3) (LUK+5)
OFF Nine Tail Card Nine Tail Card
OFF 1carat Diamond 1carat Diamond
ON   +9 High Level Siege Greave[1]
OFF   Rainbow Wing Ears
ON Glove[1] Glove[1]
OFF +4 Petit Luck Pantie[1] +4 Petit Luck Pantie[1]
OFF   Temporal Str Boots[1]
OFF Destroyed Armor Destroyed Armor
OFF Main Gauche[3] Main Gauche[3]
OFF Level 3 Lightening Bolt Level 3 Lightening Bolt
OFF +4 Mailbreaker +4 Mailbreaker
OFF Witch Starsand Witch Starsand
ON Battle Manual Battle Manual
OFF +4 Evil Legion Plate Armor[1] (+3 Vit) +4 Evil Legion Plate Armor[1] (+3 Vit)
OFF Honey Honey
OFF   Wunderkammer[1]
ON Crescent Scythe[1] Crescent Scythe[1]
OFF Yellow Bijou Yellow Bijou
OFF +4 Chaotic Glittering Jacket[1] +4 Chaotic Glittering Jacket[1]
OFF Ahlspiess Ahlspiess
OFF +4 Mocking Undershirt[1] +4 Mocking Undershirt[1]
OFF Meteor Plate[1] Meteor Plate[1]
OFF   Headgear Card Album
ON Condor Card Condor Card
ON Metaling Card Metaling Card
OFF Shoot Shoot
ON Spiritual Ring Spiritual Ring
OFF   Costume Hair Buns(Green)
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