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Status Name des Items
OFF +7 Mocking Muffler[1] +7 Mocking Muffler[1]
OFF +4 Bazerald (Spell 4Lv) (Spell 3Lv) +4 Bazerald (Spell 4Lv) (Spell 3Lv)
OFF +10 triple Dragoon Titan Violin[4] +10 triple Dragoon Titan Violin[4]
OFF Nimble Diabolus Ring[1] Nimble Diabolus Ring[1]
OFF Rosary Rosary
OFF Orange Juice Orange Juice
OFF Tropical Banana Tropical Banana
OFF   Crimson Bow[2]
OFF   Hoplite Helmet[1]
OFF +7 Kingbird Hurricane Fury[1] +7 Kingbird Hurricane Fury[1]
OFF Book of the Devil Book of the Devil
OFF +9 Dragoon triple Fatal Serpent Specialty Jur[4] +9 Dragoon triple Fatal Serpent Specialty Jur[4]
OFF Sticky Poison Sticky Poison
OFF Male Thiefbug Card Male Thiefbug Card
OFF +5 Very Very Strong Wind Claymore +5 Very Very Strong Wind Claymore
OFF   Tear Gas
OFF Bass Guitar[1] Bass Guitar[1]
OFF Hylozoist Card Hylozoist Card
OFF   Bullock Helmet
OFF +4 Stygian Muffler[1] +4 Stygian Muffler[1]
OFF   Singing Bird
OFF Maneater Blossom Maneater Blossom
OFF Lucky Chain Mail[1] Lucky Chain Mail[1]
OFF   C Droop Morocc Minion
OFF Of Creator Cap[1] Of Creator Cap[1]
OFF   Diadem Of Bruenhild[1]
OFF   Int Earring Shadow
OFF   +9 High Level RWC 2010 Indonesia[1]
OFF Sticky Webfoot Sticky Webfoot
OFF Infiltrator Infiltrator
OFF +3 Greed Snake Head Hat[1] +3 Greed Snake Head Hat[1]
OFF Phen Card Phen Card
OFF   WoE White Potion
OFF Hatii Bebe Card Hatii Bebe Card
OFF Teleport Brooch[1] Teleport Brooch[1]
OFF   Shawl Of Judgement
OFF   Coconut Fruit
OFF Grape Juice Grape Juice
OFF Katana[4] Katana[4]
OFF +4 Hurricane Fury[1] +4 Hurricane Fury[1]
OFF +6 triple Venomer's Chain[3] +6 triple Venomer's Chain[3]
OFF Ragged Zombie Card Ragged Zombie Card
ON Valkyrian Shoes[1] Valkyrian Shoes[1]
OFF +6 Evil Silk Robe[1] +6 Evil Silk Robe[1]
OFF   Dio Anemos Card
OFF Oridecon Oridecon
OFF   +7 Shadow Armor
OFF +4 Casted by Elf Manteau[1] +4 Casted by Elf Manteau[1]
OFF Zenorc's Fang Zenorc's Fang
OFF Old Magicbook Old Magicbook
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