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Status Name des Items
OFF Barrage Fist[4] Barrage Fist[4]
OFF Agav Card Agav Card
OFF Frill Frill
OFF   C Tiraya Bonnet
OFF +4 Very Very Strong Fire Damascus +4 Very Very Strong Fire Damascus
OFF Brigan Brigan
OFF Dead Branch Dead Branch
OFF   C Chatty Parrot
OFF Fire Arrow Quiver Fire Arrow Quiver
OFF Ghostring Card Ghostring Card
OFF Mes[3] Mes[3]
OFF Majoruros Card Majoruros Card
OFF Anacondaq Card Anacondaq Card
OFF Kukre Card Kukre Card
OFF +5 Stygian Valkyrian Manteau[1] +5 Stygian Valkyrian Manteau[1]
OFF Goibne's Helm Goibne's Helm
OFF Moonlight Dagger Moonlight Dagger
OFF   +8 CriHit Weapon Shadow
OFF Schweizersabel[2] Schweizersabel[2]
OFF Firelock Soldier Card Firelock Soldier Card
OFF   Broken Engine
OFF Hatii Bebe Card Hatii Bebe Card
OFF Pocket Watch Pocket Watch
OFF Vadon Card Vadon Card
OFF Great Nature Great Nature
OFF   Pendant Of Maelstorm[1]
OFF   +4 Ancient Armor Shadow
OFF   Siroma Icetea
OFF Hairband Of Grandpeco Hairband Of Grandpeco
OFF Spring Rabbit Card Spring Rabbit Card
OFF +4 from Hell Valkyrja's Shield[1] +4 from Hell Valkyrja's Shield[1]
OFF Glittering Jacket[1] (+2 Dex) Glittering Jacket[1] (+2 Dex)
OFF Pike[4] Pike[4]
OFF   Claire Suits[1] of Hardening
OFF Poison Spore Poison Spore
OFF   C Chilly Breath
OFF   +6 Bravery Bag[1]
OFF   Earth Property Reactor Blueprint
OFF +6 Cardo[1] +6 Cardo[1]
OFF Biretta Biretta
OFF Yoyo Egg Yoyo Egg
OFF +6 Resist Stun Dark Bacilium[1] +6 Resist Stun Dark Bacilium[1]
OFF   +6 Kannam On Head
OFF Earthworm Peeling Earthworm Peeling
OFF   Sapha Shoes[1] (HP+200) (SP+150)
OFF   Giant Axe[1] (+4 Agi)
OFF Bubble Gum Low Box Bubble Gum Low Box
OFF   Costume Sailor Collar
OFF Helm of Angel Helm of Angel
OFF +4 Tournament Shield[1] of Gargantua +4 Tournament Shield[1] of Gargantua
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