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Status Name des Items
OFF Diabolic Egg Diabolic Egg
OFF   Horn Of Ancient[1]
OFF +7 double Boned Gakkung Bow[2] +7 double Boned Gakkung Bow[2]
OFF Undershirt Undershirt
OFF   10th Anni Hat EU
OFF   Caster Earring Shadow
OFF Book of Blazing Sun[3] Book of Blazing Sun[3]
OFF Clip[1] of Ignis Clip[1] of Ignis
OFF +4 Boots[1] of Hermes +4 Boots[1] of Hermes
OFF Shoes[1] of Hermes Shoes[1] of Hermes
OFF +7 Book of Billows[3] +7 Book of Billows[3]
OFF +7 double Hard Working Haedonggum[2] +7 double Hard Working Haedonggum[2]
OFF Whisper Card Whisper Card
OFF +7 double Hurricane Haedonggum[2] +7 double Hurricane Haedonggum[2]
OFF Elder Willow Card Elder Willow Card
OFF +5 double Boned Two-handed Sword[2] +5 double Boned Two-handed Sword[2]
OFF Western Grace Western Grace
OFF Sandals[1] of Hermes Sandals[1] of Hermes
OFF Antique Book Card Antique Book Card
OFF +7 Ship Captain Hat[1] (Dark Pinguicula Card) +7 Ship Captain Hat[1] (Dark Pinguicula Card)
OFF   Str Glove
OFF +9 Zaha Doll Hat[1] +9 Zaha Doll Hat[1]
OFF +7 Erudite Helm[1] +7 Erudite Helm[1]
ON Level 5 Heal Level 5 Heal
OFF   +9 Bravery Bag[1] (Wakwak Card)
OFF +7 Mocking Muffler[1] +7 Mocking Muffler[1]
OFF +5 Shield of Naga[1] of Counter Attack +5 Shield of Naga[1] of Counter Attack
OFF +7 triple Pouching Jur[3] +7 triple Pouching Jur[3]
OFF +4 Morrigane's Manteau +4 Morrigane's Manteau
OFF Light Epsilon Light Epsilon
OFF Bubble Sweet Gum Box Bubble Sweet Gum Box
OFF   Siege Boots[1]
OFF   Eyes Of Darkness
OFF Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano[1] Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano[1]
OFF +10 double Bloody double Boned Rope[4] +10 double Bloody double Boned Rope[4]
OFF Chonchon Doll Chonchon Doll
OFF   Small Armor Shadow
OFF   +4 White Wing Suits[1] (LUK+2) (LUK+5) (Sharp 1)
OFF   Small Weapon Shadow
OFF +4 Green Shoes[1] +4 Green Shoes[1]
OFF   Nab's Cloth[1] (STR+2) (Fighting Spirit 4) (ATK+1%)
OFF Cutter[4] Cutter[4]
OFF   Teleport RWC Memorial Pendant[1] (DEX+1) (Spell 2Lv) (Spell 1Lv)
OFF   +4 Giant God Snake Skin[1] (+1 Vit)
OFF   RJC Flower Katusa[1]
OFF Witherless Rose Witherless Rose
OFF   +4 Giant God Snake Skin (+3 Int)
OFF   +5 Giant God Snake Skin (DEX+2) (+4 Vit)
OFF Wise Hat[1] Wise Hat[1]
OFF +8 triple Man Eater Jur[3] +8 triple Man Eater Jur[3]
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