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These are the 50 most recent searched items.
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Status Name des Items
OFF Orc Baby Card Orc Baby Card
OFF Hydra Card Hydra Card
OFF Nine Tails Nine Tails
OFF +4 from Hell Valkyrja's Shield[1] +4 from Hell Valkyrja's Shield[1]
OFF Bungisngis Card Bungisngis Card
OFF Harp of Nepenthes[2] Harp of Nepenthes[2]
OFF Hat of the Sun God Hat of the Sun God
OFF   Melon
OFF   Erde[2]
OFF Morpheus's Bracelet Morpheus's Bracelet
OFF Hellfire Hellfire
OFF Bongun Card Bongun Card
OFF   C Red Dress Hat
OFF   Rune Circlet[1]
OFF Amulet Amulet
OFF Tiara Tiara
OFF Horn of Hilthrion[3] Horn of Hilthrion[3]
OFF +7 quadruple Dexterous Rod[4] +7 quadruple Dexterous Rod[4]
OFF Sphinx Hat Sphinx Hat
OFF Full Plate[1] (+2 Str) Full Plate[1] (+2 Str)
OFF   +1 Giant God Snake Skin[1] (INT+7) (+1 Vit)
OFF Santa Hat Santa Hat
OFF   Coagulated Spell
OFF Guard[1] Guard[1]
OFF Fabric Fabric
OFF   +8 Critical Armor Shadow
OFF   Pig Moneycoin
OFF Laurell Weinder Card Laurell Weinder Card
OFF   Sapha Shoes[1] (VIT+1) (DEF+6)
OFF   C Baphomet Hat
OFF Whisper Card Whisper Card
OFF Yoyo Card Yoyo Card
OFF +10 quadruple Boned Composite Bow[4] +10 quadruple Boned Composite Bow[4]
OFF   Cat Hand Glove[1]
OFF   Soul Stone
OFF Purple Cowboy Hat[1] Purple Cowboy Hat[1]
OFF Pearl Pearl
OFF +7 from Hell Stone Buckler[1] +7 from Hell Stone Buckler[1]
OFF Cursed Water Cursed Water
OFF White Herb White Herb
OFF Strange Steel Piece Strange Steel Piece
OFF   Mask Of Ifrit
OFF +10 Composite Bow[4] +10 Composite Bow[4]
OFF   Event Angeling Coin
OFF Dolor of Thanatos Card Dolor of Thanatos Card
OFF Marin Card Marin Card
OFF +8 double Critical Two-handed Sword[2] +8 double Critical Two-handed Sword[2]
OFF Bloody Edge Bloody Edge
OFF Very Very Strong Fire Fist Very Very Strong Fire Fist
OFF   +7 Fledged Siege Boots[1]
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